Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University of Alabama in Huntsville hosts the research activities and provides mentorship for the fellowship awardees.

Research opportunities include:

1. Advance Materials

Courtesy of Innovate UK - GOV.UK blogs

Courtesy of Boeing

Courtesy of Lockheed Martin

2. Aircraft Design

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Professor: Dr. Jason Cassibry

Research Areas:

  • Voltage probes measuring pulse shape

Professor: Dr. Konstantinos Kanistras

Research Area:

  • Active Flow Control & Future Aircraft Design

3. Battery and Energy

Courtesy of Portland General Electric

4. Fluid mechanics and combustion

Professor: Dr. Phil Ligrani

Research Areas:

  • Traditional Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanic Investigations
  • Aerodynamic Investigations
  • Air Breathing Engines - Gas Turbine Heat Transfer, Cooling, and Aerodynamic Losses
  • Micro-Fluidics and Millimeter-Scale-Fluidics
  • Experimental Techniques

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5. Plasma Physics

6. Propulsion

rocket's red glare [book]

7. Robotic

Courtesy of Lockheed Martin