MATRIX Program Events

The MATRIX Program hosts several events a semester to engage students and faculty as well as learn about different areas of engineering.

1. Week of Welcome Event

The new MATRIX students were welcomed by faculty, staff, and students with a luncheon. Afterwards, everyone went on a tour of several of UAH's Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering labs.

2. Bowling Night!

Students and faculty went out for an entertaining night of bowling, food, and socializing. The MATRIX students brought their significant others and networked with graduate students and faculty with a night of friendly bowling.

3. Organization Networking

The MATRIX students were introduced to officers of three engineering clubs, AIAA, ASME, and Pi Tau Sigma. Students were able to ask the officers questions and were provided information about joining the clubs.

4. Guest Lecturer

Guest lecturer Dr. Masatoshi Hirabayashi from Auburn University came to speak to the MATRIX students about his research on Geophysical structure of top-shaped rubble pile astroids. Afterwards, students ate lunch and were able to ask him questions about his research.

5. Field Trip to United Launch Alliance

The MATRIX students took a trip the United Launch Alliance (ULA) and learned about several launch operations and ULA's role in them. They had a guided tour through the facility where the got to see manufacturing and assembly of rockets take place.